Campisa accessories help improve the functionality and safety of logistic operations that require the employment of loading bays and sectional doors for the loading/unloading of goods: anti-collision, vehicle wheels guides, numbering loading bays and lighting. They are suitable for any application and industry, from refrigeration, to warehousing, manufacturing or logistics.


accessories vehicle wheels guides

Vehicle wheels guides

Hot dip galvanized steel pipes, for centering the wheels of the backing vehicles.

accessories vehicle lighting

Inside vehicle led lighting

LED flood tecnology, low consumption, for high safety in loading the vehicles.

numbering of loading bays

Numbering of the loading bays

Numbering for the outside and inside, with colors at choice. Support of rigid acrylic material, of formed…

accessories protection bollards

Protection bollards for sectional doors

Bollards of protection of the guides of the sectional doors. Sturdy elements, fixed to ground by expansion…

accessories ant collision

Ant-collision protection for consolles

Protections to be fixed to ground by expansion bolts, for the protection of the Consolles and obtain…

accessories interlocks

Interlocks between tools

Optional devices for increasing the sabety and preserve the loading tools.