Dock shelters are an essential part of loading bays.

They seal the atmosphere between vehicle and building, and protect operators and goods from the weather.

dock shelters

CAMPISA produces a complete range of dock shelters, including:

  • The CAMPISA retractable Dock Shelters

    Retractable dock shelters composed of three frontal sheets within which the rear of the vehicle is sealed. The retractable structure protects the dock shelter from damage due to any off-centre dockings, pulling back and returning to its natural, extended position. The roof of the dock shelter is equipped with a channel to collect rainwater with an internal side drain. Without the drainage channel, puddles of water could form on the roof and fall onto the operators while they are docking vehicles.

retractable dock shelters
  • The CAMPISA cushion Dock Shelter

    Cushion dock shelter is composed of one horizontal upper cushion, which can be adjusted in height, and two vertical side cushions with vertical scrolling flaps on the truck during loading. The cushion dock shelter is the most suitable for insulating between the truck and the loading bay for frozen goods because it also seals the spaces between the open doors and the truck.

cushion dock shelters
  • The CAMPISA inflatable Dock Shelter

    Inflatable dock shelter is composed of three cushions, one horizontal and two vertical, which inflate under the thrust of a fan sealing the truck. They are excellent for insulating the truck and building only in the case of trucks with vertical open docking rear sectional doors, given that in the case of hinged doors that open against the side walls, the spaces between the two doors and two sides do not seal.

inflatable dock shelters
Campisa Dock Shelters