Campisa’s Design Office is divided into two departments: the Technical Design Office and the Project Assistant.

project design for loading bays

Campisa’s Design Office is divided into two departments: the Technical Design Office and the Project Assistant.

Both departments of the company work under ISO 9001:2008 Quality Regime; design and lay-out are carried out using 2D CAD design and 3D solid modelling.

Starting from the study of kinematics and the structural calculation of the various components using the finite element technique to the installation, use and maintenance manuals, every change is recorded and kept under control by progressive numbers and dates. Nothing is left to chance.


The Technical Department designs and follows the construction of prototypes and their testing (in tests, when necessary, this goes as far as the destruction of the prototype). This delicate process is the only system capable of guaranteeing a high standard of production, usage requirements and a guarantee on the average life of the product.


To assist customers in the design of loading bays and logistics hubs, Campisa’s Project Assistant team analyses the plans and sections of the new buildings to be built or adapted and, after careful checking, points out any improvements that can be made; they also check the routes of the vehicles and their manoeuvrability and docking possibilities.

Very often the work done by the Project Assistant proves to be fundamental for optimising costs but above all for reducing manoeuvring and docking times, all with a significant increase in safety.

The amount of experience accumulated in all these years, experience that continues to develop with Research and Development, with new patents, with new applications, is such as to guarantee the customer the implementation of the right solutions to their problems.

In this context, for over 15 years Campisa has organised a “Project Assistant” service that is totally at the customer’s service, to compare the various solutions and sometimes to propose new ones.

The “Project Assistant” is at the disposal of customers who send in their lay-outs, which are carefully checked and returned with appropriate notes regarding possible improvements, and checking that the equipment provided is the right one. The layouts are completed with the inclusion of the necessary equipment to obtain advantageous and safe solutions, and the regulatory and functional aspects are analysed to obtain the best state-of-the-art result.

The “Project Assistant” has proved to be essential in many cases, proposing even more economical solutions, increasing the performance of the loading bays by more than 65%.

Through this service Campisa guides the customer in the search for the perfect solution, avoiding unwelcome surprises during the execution of the work and during the final use of the equipment.