Manual levellers, counterbalanced with a gas-spring or hydraulically powered, that allow to solve economically and effectively the problem of the connection to vehicles with the same level than the truck bed.

Possibility of connection to truck beds with a difference of height with the dock level of +- 100mm
Easy and quick to be installed into the pit or on the dock rim, it is manoeuvred by hand (balanced by a gas-spring) or hydraulically by one only operator. In case of hand manoeuvre it is sufficient to fit the lever (1) into the operation hole and pull the lever for opening the lip. Then, by the lever, the leveller is laid onto the truck bed.
During the loading the leveller fluctuates in vertical with the movements of the vehicle. At loading end, by the help of the lever, the dock leveller is taken to retract the lip and return to rest position.
In case of hydraulic powering the above operations are made by depressing a one-button command and the functioning is the same of the swivelling lip dock levellers

Platform: almond sheet, ant-slippery, 4+2 mm
Lip: almond sheet, ant-slippery, 8+2 mm
Total length : 760 mm
Lip length: 360 mm


Leveller and bumpers blocks grey RAL 7005 colour. Two coats of epoxy-paint two components, oven dried. The catalyzed paint is the most resisting to the fork lift transit.


On the pit rim or into the pit


Manual with the aid of a bar, helped by a gas-spring balanecment to remain within the EN 1398 efforts. Powered electro hydraulically with electric command on the wall. Electro hydraulic power pack 230/400V three phased, 50 Hz and be placed below the leveller


– installation at dock rim, 250 x 110 x 450 (width x depth x h). Installed on steel support 250 x 430 x 450 mm = total depth 540 mm
– installation in pit: 250 x 500 x 450 (width x depth. x h). Protruded from dock rim per 110 mm

Front protection plate of zinced steel: to be mounted onto the MEGA bumpers for protection of their surface Hydraulic powering, double cylinder and powerpack for easy manouvering

Dock levellers built in conformity to the product Norm EN 1398.
Complete with CE marking

For electro hydraulic operated levellers only:
Tension 230-400 V three phased
Power 0,75 kW or 1,1 kW
Frequency 50/60 Hz






universal dock leveller campisa

Universal Dock Levellers – Suitable for different applications

The new Universal Dock Leveller is able to replace several models, making it suitable for different applications. Fully made by Structural Steel S355.

swing lip dock leveller uk

Swing lip dock: installation with accessories

Electrohydraulic dock leveller with swing lip, allows to load the vehicles in the most safe system.

suspended dock levellers

Suspended dock levellers with swing and telescopic tip

Dock levellers in one piece, inclusive of the powerpack, follow the necessity of the building prefabrication.

Swivelling and telescopic lip castle dock levellers

Swing and telescopic lip castle dock levellers

Dock levellers in one piece, inclusive of the powerpack, the traditional system of installation of the levellers into the pit.

telescopic lip dock leveller

Telescopic lip dock leveller

Electrohydraulic dock leveller with telescopic lip, for all the problematic cases, mobile cages, containers etc..

CampisaCast dock levellers

CampisaCast dock levellers

With no wood closures to be made, CampisaCast dock levellers represent the simplest solution for building a loading bay.

Traditional pits fitting systems

Traditional pits fitting systems

The dock leveller is installed into pits made on drawing, that require protection for the rims.

Prefabricated pits and loaging docks

Prefabricated pits and loading docks

The prefabricated pits allow a simple and quick construction that already includes the dead hinging.

Steel outside docks

Steel outside docks

Modular steel dock, made with galvanized steel sheets, totally dismountable and easily mounted.