The dock leveller is installed into pits made on drawing, that require protection for the rims. The frame is generally built locally, after drawings.

The Campisa dock leveller is the most essential solution, simple and effective. This supply is composed by a platform complete of lip and hydraulic cylinders for its movements and accessories for the installation and the hydraulic powerpack (or by the Consolle) for its actioning.
For the characteristics and the functioning of the dock leveller swivelling lip (ipertest) or dock leveller with telescopic lip (ipertest) dock after the dedicated sections.
The pit has to be made following the instructions and the dimensions of the specific technical sheet, with the proper steel anchors to be cast into the cement pouring.
The installation is made with few weldings and some expansion bolts.


The CASTLE Campisa leveller is only 550 mm tall. This allows to ship more levellers on a truck with important freight savings.


The CASTLE structure is made with zinced and paint elements.


The hydraulic and electric system (in case of power pack into the pit) are realized and tested at the workshop. When installing, the activation time is very reduced.


The installation of a CASTLE Campisa leveller is simply made by welding the three head hangings and of the front bar, and some expansion bolts for the lift cylinder flange


The CASTLE levellers are supplied with a lifting tool adapt for a crane and for a fork lift.

Dock levellers built in conformity to the product Norm EN 1398.
Complete with CE marking

In conformity to the provisions of the Norm EN 1398 the levellers have:

  • automatic safety valve on the descent of the levellers, in case of accidental departure of the vehicle
  • blocking electro valve commanded by the door switch
  • foot guards both sides
  • maximum pressure valve
  • ant-slippery and self-draining surface almond sheet
  • minimum 25 mm horizontal or vertical between lip and rest bar
  • positive blocking system for maintenance
  • and-wind head hinge, smooth in all the inclinations
The standard nominal load of the dock levellers is of 6.000 kg (10.000 kg uniformly distributed, but this is not the scope of the dock levellers), optional 9.000 kg (15.000 kg uniformly distributed).
Click here for identifying the product code and its dimensional characteristics
The corrugated trounking 60 mm diam. between pit and command (on the wall) must always be foreseen. If the leveller is with power pack inside the pit, into the trounking will be passed electric wirings. If the system of leveller powered by a Consolle on-the-wall, into the trounking will be passed hydraulic housings and sometimes a very low voltage wiring.






universal dock leveller campisa

Universal Dock Levellers – Suitable for different applications

The new Universal Dock Leveller is able to replace several models, making it suitable for different applications. Fully made by Structural Steel S355.

swing lip dock leveller uk

Swing lip dock: installation with accessories

Electrohydraulic dock leveller with swing lip, allows to load the vehicles in the most safe system.

suspended dock levellers

Suspended dock levellers with swing and telescopic tip

Dock levellers in one piece, inclusive of the powerpack, follow the necessity of the building prefabrication.

Swivelling and telescopic lip castle dock levellers

Swing and telescopic lip castle dock levellers

Dock levellers in one piece, inclusive of the powerpack, the traditional system of installation of the levellers into the pit.

telescopic lip dock leveller

Telescopic lip dock leveller

Electrohydraulic dock leveller with telescopic lip, for all the problematic cases, mobile cages, containers etc..

CampisaCast dock levellers

CampisaCast dock levellers

With no wood closures to be made, CampisaCast dock levellers represent the simplest solution for building a loading bay.

Prefabricated pits and loaging docks

Prefabricated pits and loading docks

The prefabricated pits allow a simple and quick construction that already includes the dead hinging.

Minilinker Dock levellers

Minilinker Dock levellers

Manual levellers that allow to solve the problem of the connection to vehicles with the same level than the truck bed.

Steel outside docks

Steel outside docks

Modular steel dock, made with galvanized steel sheets, totally dismountable and easily mounted.