Campisa has developed a sectional door for fruit ripening rooms

Sectional Doors for Fruit Ripening Rooms: a sectional door with a FIDELITY hydraulic lifting system which is gas tight; the best equipment present on the market against leakage from ripening gas introduced into the rooms.

Sectional Doors for Fruit Ripening Rooms

Sectional Doors for Fruit Ripening Rooms: the hydraulic lifting system

The Campisa FIDELITY hydraulic lifting system of the sectional doors together with special perimeter gaskets, guarantee the best air seal. The FIDELITY hydraulic lifting system – with delivered European patent – closes the door by force of gravity, so when the door is closed all its weight closes against the special perimeter gaskets, against the floor and against the special gasket on the lintel..

The upper panel of the gas tight door is provided with a mechanical adjustment system consisting of a beam that cancels the bending of the upper panel that results from pressure against the special sealing gasket.

The Campisa FIDELITY CL.6 Gas tight system is used with great success in “Dry storage systems” which allow the storage of perishable goods due to the degree of humidity in the air.

Ripening rooms can be closed by sectional doors both inside and outside.
In the photo, an installation with the doors fitted on the outside. Visible above the two doors on the left are the cases containing the FIDELITY hydraulic motor. The consoles (hydraulic systems) can be fitted laterally to the door or further away, as in this case.

There are many advantages with this solution, with savings on gas, faster ripening, and no maintenance.

Sectional Doors for Fruit Ripening Rooms