Campisa industrial doors are real equipment, designed to ensure energy savings, low maintenance and more free space on the ground. CAMPISA offers FIDELITY® customers the patented hydraulic lifting system for vertical sliding sectional doors.

The FIDELITY® hydraulic motorization is not affected by the difference in weight of the individual sectional door panels and allows the greatest freedom of design, for example by applying the DOCKGUARD protection bar to the base panel.

sectional rigid industrial doors

Sectional doors

Insulated sectional doors with hydraulic lifting, low maintenance, with possibility of automatic opening.

flexible industrial doors

Flexible industrial doors

A wide range of fold-up and roll-up high speed doors, swing pvc doors

fire resistant doors

Fire retardant doors

Fire resistant doors and fire retardant doors for every need: sectional fire doors, REI doors, sliding and swing fire doors

industrial folding doors

Industrial folding doors

Industrial folding doors formed by vertical panels and side folding system, manual or electric opening, can be fitted with wide simple laminated or air spaced glasses