Commercial vehicles loading bays are specific dock levellers to be used with the Commercial Vehicles. Reduced weight for the reduced capacity of the truck bed. They allow the docking of the vehicle, the opening of the doors and the connection of the leveller without moving the vehicle.

Dock levellers for specific use with Commercial Vehicles with rear doors, with truck beds generally at 600 mm from ground. A dock between 400 and 700 mm is suggested. Construction as per EN 1398 Norm
The dock levellers Vandock are fixed at the rim of the dock, and have rest position in vertical position. They are connected to the truck bed that stops at about 1350 mm from the dock and the engine of the vehicle can be immediately stopped. The vehicle is in such a position to be able to open both rear doors by 90°, leaving them blocked. The leveller descends between the doors until connection to the truck bed: in this position it is an inert bridge that fluctuates with the up – down movements of the vehicle under load.

• backing of the vehicle: stop the vehicle at 1350 mm from the dock and switch-off the motor
• open the rear doors by 90° and fix them
• lower the leveller (manually if balanced, hydraulically if powered) until connection to the truck bed
• load the vehicle: 0transit on the leveller with carts or hand pallets
• at finished load, lift (manually if balanced, hydraulically if powered) the leveller until the vertical rest position

Commercial vehicles loaging bays have the possibility of connection to truck beds with a difference of height with the dock level of +- 200mm


Platform of almond sheet, with bent connection edge. Side containing profiles. Bottom reinforcements. Balancing system with effort within the EN 1398 limits.
Own weight 95 kg.


The leveller has an anchoring system made by an almond steel sheet bent at “L” of 200 x 200, 1500 mm long that can be fixed to the dock without any maonnery work, by expansion bolts only.


Leveller grey RAL 7005 colour. Two coats of epoxy-paint two components, oven dried. The catalyzed paint is the most resisting to the fork lift transit.


Lifting and lowering by a hand command. As option, hydraulic operated.

The commercial vehicles are delicate and get damaged if they have to back against the standard bumpers. The rear doors do not allow for the direct docking to the dock. The truckbed does not keep the weight of a standard leveller.
This is the system that allows to the driver only to load in safety and without any assistance, without having to move the vehicle because of the rear doors, avoiding to manouver the vehicle to reach an exact loading position, switching off the engine at once.

Docking system Vandock with the following functionality:
• backing driven by horizontal signals of centering to the dock (stripes on ground) and centering signals on the dock (guides through the rear mirrors)
• when backing, intercepting a first photocell, a green traffic light switches ON. The driver can switch off the motor and be sure that he is in the correct position at 1,35 m from the dock.
• if he has backed too much, a second photocell is cut, that alights a red traffic light: this is the advise that he has backed too much, and he must return forward until only the green light is ON.
• the driver goes out, opens the rear doors, (he has the nmecessary spaces), he lowers the leveller on the truckbed from the vertical stored position. The leveller overlaps by 150 mm the truckbed.
• The driver loads the vehicle by carts or handpallets

Dock levellers built in conformity to the product Norm EN 1398. Complete with CE marking

Safety dispositives:

  • the Vandock dock leveller is completed with lateral profile rim to stop the wheels of the charging vehicle.
  • Two pivotting legs follow the moviment of the leveller to stop at the lowering end-of-run.

Download catalogue for identifying the product code and its dimensional characteristics

For electro hydraulic operated levellers only:
Tension 230-400 V three phased
Power 0,75 kW or 1,1 kW
Frequency 50/60 Hz






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